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Robert Mattlin - WC/WCX

I have been a lifelong retriever enthusiast. I obtained my first Labrador when I was 12 years old and that fueled my passion. I began working with a close friend of my parents who was an amateur field trialer and spent one summer in high school working for a local pro. After high school, and spending four years in the Navy, I began training my own retrievers.


I have been involved in the retriever sports ever since. I did a great deal of training, and a fair amount of field trialing during the 80s and 90s, and began judging during that time. For the past 10 years I have competed in and judged AKC field trials and began running and judging AKC hunt tests. In addition, I have always hunted my retrievers spending many days each fall in the fields of Saskatchewan and Western Minnesota.  


I am looking forward to seeing a different breed than I normally see at a field trial or hunt test.  


I would like to wish all entrants good luck and most importantly hope everybody has a great time!

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