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Joanne Grimsrud - Handling For Fun and Success


You could say I was born into dogs. My father raised Labradors and trained them as personal gun dogs. My first dog at age 3 was a Terrier mix that I trained to hunt pheasant (with the help of my dad!) and was my best friend and hunting companion for fourteen years.


I have competed in and taught some basic obedience. I am a retired licensed pointing dog field trial judge. I have shown many dogs from Shelties to my most recent adventure a Great Dane puppy. My true love has always been the sporting breeds. I have owned Labradors, German Shorthair Pointers, Irish and Gordon Setters. My newest addition is an English Cocker Spaniel. My last Lab was a certified therapy dog for eight years and my last Gordon was number six in the country owner handled.


I have judged numerous sweepstakes and national field trials. I have attended Westminster, Crufts and the World Show. I have shown dogs in the US, Canada and Europe.


I currently work at the Animal Inn in Lake Elmo. I teach kids (juniors) and adults how to show in the breed ring. I have spent my life as a student of dogs. I love to watch them do what they were bred to do. I enjoy helping people improve their dogs conditioning and presentation. I continue to strive to help people stay in a sport I have loved my entire life.

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January 2023

Just a few years ago -

Joanne on the right

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