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Diane Wacker - Sweepstakes

I’m from Mankato, Minnesota. I grew up with hunting dogs, tramping over, through, and around, the marshland and prairies of Southern Minnesota during hunting season with my dad and
brothers. This was something I really looked forward to and enjoyed doing, I was the family dog wrangler. Having been actively involved with this breed since 1987, I, myself, participated in many of the venues available in this sport over 36 years.


I've owned and enjoyed the company of many Irish Water Spaniels through the years. My first Irish Water Spaniel came from Liz Weaver’s Mole End Kennels. His name was Mulligan (CH Mole End Cauldron CD) out of the third Badger x Guiness breeding. He stole my heart and got me completely hooked on all things IWS. He was a multi group winning and placing dog in the conformation ring, did well in obedience, and was a top producing stud dog. My foundation bitch was his sister Catlin (CH Mole End Caitlin O’Birdhill CDX, TD) owned by Temple and Kevin Moorhead of Birdhill Kennels. We doubled up on Badger in our B-Litter and that gave us Tatters (Can CD, CH Muddy Waters Bag Lady O’Birdhill CDX, CHIC), who tied with her great, great, grandmother Maggie as Top Producing Bitch. She also placed 15 consecutive shows in Novice B, was #1 Obedience IWS 1996, and a Dog World Award winner.

As you can see from the start of Muddy Waters Kennels, a partnership with other IWS Breeders and owners of like minds, has been the way. Our goal is to produce puppies with outstanding
temperaments and trainability in a sound, healthy body that adheres to the standard. I’ve bred, and co-bred multiple variety titled dogs under the Muddy Waters prefix. I’m passionate about the preservation of this particular breed. It's going to take an Open Health Database with everyone participating.

It's been many years of learning the hard way with often disappointing results, but many sweet successes as well. I've lost count of how many times I had to pick myself up, dust myself off,
and keep going. It’s the joyous achievements and promise of a brighter future for this breed that kept me going all these years. You could say I’ve been there, done that. I know firsthand how it
feels to go High-In-Trail with a dog I produced and trained in obedience. I also know how it feels to win a Sporting Group 1 with a dog I bred. I've been especially proud of all the titles my puppy
people have won.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be judging sweepstakes at the 2023 Specialty dedicated to Mary Reich whom I called mentor and friend for many years.

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