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Hello, my Name is Chuck Stokes and would like to wish all of the handler's good luck. 


When I got back into dogs, Golden Retrievers, I was looking for a good hunting companion and had no idea what a hunt test or field trial was. After attending an event, my wife and I were hooked, and I have been active in the sport ever since.


I have been AKC HT judge for over 20 years, judging in 4 states and while I don't compete as much as I did, we still train and hunt our boys as often as we can. We currently have 2 boys that we will be running in Qualifying Stakes and HT's this year.  I have served as a board member for my club, and I am treasurer of the GMHTA (Greater Minnesota Hunt Test Association). I have been fortunate to make many good friends in this sport.

I want to thank you for selecting me to judge your WC/WCX and look forward to a good day in the field with your Irish Water Spaniels. 

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