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2023  IWSCA

We’ve worked hard to put together an unforgettable event for our attendees. Explore the site for all the information you need, and let us know if you have any questions.

Meet the Judges

   James S Covey - Breed

   Diane Wacker - Sweepstakes

   Jeanne Shepherd - Jr. Showmanship

   Louise C Botko - Obedience & Rally

   Catherine Nelson - Agility

   Chuck Stokes - WC/WCX

   Robert Mattlin - WC/WCX  

   Sally Conners - CGC/Tricks

Meet the Presenters

  Joanne Grimsrud - Handling for Fun and Success

  Rebecca Bell - Pet Protection Agreements & Pet Trusts

  Sarah Zumpf - Take the (*#1%) Picture!

  Patrice Dodd - Scent Work: Odor Games for Dogs and
                               Their Humans

Judges Education -
     Location - Washington County Fairgrounds -
      Hooley Hall - Lake Elmo, MN

   Presenter - Dan Sayers

   To register contact: Stacy Duncan or  Michelle Cummings



Judging Program

Judging Program - Agility

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RV Reservations

Auction Donations


2023 Meals & Registration Form

2023 Catalog & Ad Order Form

2023 Parade Entry Form

WC/WCX Premium List

Agility Premium List

Conformation & Sweepstakes Premium List

Obedience & Rally Premium List

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees" - Henry David Thoreau

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